Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Our Featured Site: North Baltimore

The North Baltimore Area Senior Center opened in March, 1989, and is located at 514 W. Water St. The site, managed by Sarah Wensink, is open Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

The site is unique in that it is connected to Westhaven Apartments. This allows senior residents of Westhaven to simply walk into the connected building to utilize and enjoy the senior center meals, programs, and services.

On a cold November afternoon, Judy Kline and Barb Schwickrath put cards together for veterans. The cards, which will be mailed out to veterans in hospitals, are put together with care.

“We just wanted to do something to help out,” said Judy Kline. “We’ll put together about 100 cards.”

In addition to card making, Kline and Schwickrath are regular participants in the mystery supper program.
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The second Tuesday of each month, a mystery restaurant is drawn from a jar of suggestions, and transportation is provided to the restaurant via the senior center.

The Mystery Supper Group at Red Lobster.
This particular Tuesday, Red Lobster was chosen as the mystery restaurant.

A total of nine older adults joined site manager Sarah Wensink at the Findlay Red Lobster.

A question was asked to all participants: What do you like most about the mystery supper program?

Sophie Edwards responded, “I like being able to get out and be with other people.”

Jack and Donna Sterling said, “It is nice to visit with our friends.”

Velma Green elaborated, “It’s nice to get to go out to eat with others. We always have fun! I like going out to eat, but don’t like eating by myself, so it gives us widows and widowers a chance to enjoy a meal with good company.”

Nina Sterling had a simple answer, “I like the food!”

Although all of the participants had different answers, they all had one general theme: getting out and enjoying the comradery of others, trying something new, not having to worry about transportation, and just having fun with friends.

For more information on mystery supper and other programs and services offered by WCCOA and the North Baltimore Area Senior Center, call (419) 257-3306.

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  1. Just to keep the record accurate, the North Baltimore Senior Center held its Grand Opening on Saturday, March 26, 1988. Not 1989 as stated in the blog. I kept a copy of the newspaper article as I was the first manager of the center. Lu Ann Vandemark