Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 Poetry Contest Entries

The Wood County Committee is seeking assistance to determine a winner for the 2011 poetry contest. Please submit your opinions with the title of the best poem from the list below. All of your comments will be tallied and will assist us in determining a final winner. Thank you for your help in advance!    

This contest is sponsored by Blakely Care Center in Bowling Green, Ohio  

Christmas at Senior Aerobics
It was the week before Christmas, we headed for class.
We were so excited; we stepped hard on the gas.
We were eager to get there, so we would not be late.
Today, we knew was a special date.

We arrived and had some time to spare.
It was then that we began to share.
For there sat the three ladies from the “Y”,
Who pushed us to exercise, “do or die.”

They taught us we have muscles, abs, triceps and thighs.
They’d like us to be a “perfect 10 size.”
You must work these muscles, “they say with a grin.”
They go through this routine, and say, “do it again.”

I know that they want us to look fantastic and chic,
But by now, I have a CRAMP IN MY CHEEK! Ouch!
We do our aerobics and do weighs ‘til we burn.
This is just a part of what we must learn.

These gals have been faithful, and have made the class fun,
But we are so thankful that they don’t make us run.
Today is the day, they will give us a break,
But they get the reward, UUMM!, because they made us ache?

Thank you dear Stacey, Kelly and Brenda too,
For all the things you have us do.
AND for the help shaping these “bods” for all to see,
Hey, look at this class- WOW, WHEE!! WHEE!!

Now that we are conditioned, ready for holiday cheer,
Lets all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!   

A Sixty Year Journey In Wood County
I’ve found a new romance at last,
It’s all the memories of the past;
The road ahead I cannot foretell,
But the road I’ve traveled,
I can remember well!

            I recall when I was a teen,
            Our family would move to Bowling Green.
Sixty years later, BGSU meets the century mark
On the land that had been the City Park.

High School diploma, college degree,
Selective Service board – a call for me.
Home again and later to a dance
It was time for my first romance.

            Wood County Fair a special delight,
A few months later our wedding night.
Wood County Hospital new on the scene
My son was born in Bowling Green.

Two years later my daughter arrives,
A wondrous delight to all our lives,
Jobs here and there throughout the state,
I finally reach retirement date. 

            Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and yet,
            The cycle will continue, that’s a sure bet.
            A time of life that sure is nifty,
            Is when your children are now past fifty.

As long as good health will continue,
Keep on keeping on, with all that is in you.
Keep yourself fit, praise God study history,
You’ll reach the promised land – no mystery! 

Money Can’t
Money Can’t walk but it will always talk as long as we have lots of it.
It doesn’t give us guarantees and it can come and go throughout our lifetime.
  Rich, middle class and poor are titles we receive depending on how much money we acquire.
It will buy us material things – houses, cars and jewelry. We can love our money, flaunt, waste and take it for granted, but it will always make us sad when we don’t have it.
Money can’t buy us happiness, good health or give us immortality. It is better to respect, appreciate and be generous with our money with out expecting more.

My Creative Poem - A True Story

Whenever I am feeling joyless I go to my memory bank.
Reminiscing about the funny events in my life make me laugh.

The day my newly purchased hair-piece flew off my head was
 the day my self confidence came to an end.

The wind was too strong for me to control this dead object
sitting on top of my head.

Down the sidewalk it flew with lightning speed as my
neighbors witnessed my marathon run in pursuit of this thing.

My hair-piece finally landed in a cluster of prickly shrubs.
While scrambling to rescue this unrecognizable thing I started
to laugh hysterically.

My laughter was joined by the neighborhood kids watching me
retrieve this hair-piece now tattered and dead.

I opened my eyes today, and saw
a beautiful lady looking down at me.
Her hair was so soft and her smile
 was such a delight to see.
“I think I’ll call her MOMMY.”

I opened my eyes today, who is that
 handsome man staring down at me?
He looks so proud and be happy as can be.
“I think I’ll call him DADDY.”

I opened my eyes today, there stood
two strangers smiling at me.
With their hair like silver and their
smiles so bright, they look so happy.
“I think I’ll call them GRANDPA AND GRANNY.”

I opened my eyes today, I can see two little
people not much bigger than me.
One was pointing, the other was touching,
they both were jumping with glee.
“I think I’ll call them BROTHER and SISTER
and let them play with me.”

I opened my eyes today, I see all of these
lovely people and wonder how it could be,
that I was so very lucky that they chose me.
“I think I’ll call them FAMILY.”

Reflections of My Life
‘Twas springtime 1928
A baby girl, number 7 of 9, born to a struggling farm couple.
Born of submission, not of love.
God knew me before conception
He had love and plans for me
He died for me, my many sins.

Poor mom delivered and fed us all at breast --
no time to cuddle, play, or care for us.
Hard man’s work in the field for her.
No tractors, combines, or hay balers.
We children pulled weeds and hoed
From early morning to sundown.
We each had our duties
But our time to play as well.

Grandma was the nurturer.
Rocking, sometimes three at a time.
Washing, ironing, cooking, and cleaning were her duties
while living with us.
No hugs, kisses, or “I love you”
Everyone struggling to see the light but we couldn’t see it.
Too much gloom and doom.

Family went to church twice every Sunday.
Dad read the Bible daily.
No family devotions or prayers except at mealtimes.
Dad was abusive to mom and the kids.
He was severely strict; no card playing, movies, or dances.
We gathered around the radio for “Amos and Andy”.

God revealed his plans for me.
I was on honor roll at school,
worked at Uhlman’s department store and the County Home,
saved my money.
At age 18 I went off to nursing school
had no loans or financial help.
I loved the profession and had the top honors in the class.
My heart was full of compassion and love.

Married soon after graduation and birthed four children.
They were healthy and intelligent
but short spaces in between them.
Had financial problems galore.
Worked part time to pay the bills,
Wife, mother, and nurse.
It was God’s plan and my destiny.
God has been my ALL!

God saw fit to take my husband home in December 1961
after twelve years together.
The profession God gave, my job, and Social Security
paid the bills and the mortgage.
Grieved for him and my mother
who had died just four days before him.
God was my comfort and strength
a very pleasant help in trouble.

In my old age God still reveals his plans.
Savior, Advisor, Comforter
strengthens, heals, loves, gives faith and hope.
He rewarded me with motherhood
took home three of my four children.
Gifts of grandchildren and great-grandchildren
 Blessed by retirement, family, and friends.
A child of God I am, I am.

Hello Dad, Grandpa, Honey as Mom would say
We miss you so much, on this, Jesus’ Birthday.

Some people say we can’t see you,
But we know that’s not right,
We see you every day,
And pray with you every night.

They say we can’t touch you,
Oh, if they only knew,
Every time we touch our hearts,
We know we touch you.

They say you’re gone forever
Boy, how wrong they are,
Every time we look into the Heavens,
You’re our shining star.

God has taken your soul and body,
And left us your memories,
For HE knows that with them,
Our lives are more at ease.

So, Dad, Grandpa, Honey,
Oh, those words sound so sweet,
Our best Christmas ever,
Will be the day that we meet.

Since I am Older  

Since I am older and I live all alone
I thought I would be lonely or probably blue
But every day the doorbell sings a song-
It’s my children, my grandchildren or my greats
Coming with some kisses, hugs, or a surprise-
To brighten my day and put a light in my eyes

  Here ~ I stand ~ again, present in this moment
in time, watching with my mind and soul ~ beauty
unfolds outside my window ~ the falling snow,
not a sound, around.
Not a move, but a silent groove; I cannot
express to you what I see ~ it cannot be
translated, related and not debated;
reserved just for me… see ~ I pay attention ~ condescension
within ~ what a blend ~ time and eternity
let me be ~ one with infinity ~ you see
“all is well with me”

                                       A story untold
                                       And a mystery to the soul
                                       Till darkness called
                                       For a sacrifice or not at all
                                       Children to save
                                       Helpless from the fall

                                       God from above
                                       Descended at the call
                                       His frail form to accept
                                       A cross tall

                                       Rise children re born
                                       Live in the awe
                                       Of your redemption
                                       Gifted from on high
                                       And true in hearts
                                       Light with His might

In The Mist

Rock my body and soul,
Bring me back to my complete control.

Love will seize the day,
For us to forever rise and stay.

In the mist of the night,
My love comes to me and says alright.

No where we have to be,
No where we should be.

Continue our love as number one,
Remember we do not have to run.

Gazing at the ocean sun,
With lots of joy that is full of fun.