Tuesday, April 24, 2018

WCCOA's 2018 Poetry Contest!

 Here are this year's Poetry Contest entries! Please enjoy, and when you're finished reading you may vote for your favorite by Clicking Here!

You are Special

You are so very special.
You are one of a kind.
No one else looks exactly like you.
One like you you’ll not find.

You are so very special
You are one of a kind.
The talents you have are unique.
One like you you’ll not find.

You are so very special.
You are one of a kind.
Created by God to thrive
One like you you’ll not find

You are so very special.
You are one of a kind.
Created by God to thrive.
One like you you’ll not find.

You are so very special.
You are one of a kind
For a unique purpose you were made.
One like you you’ll not find.
Life Goes By Quickly
Oh what a happy day.
A precious baby is born.
Such a long wait it was.
We prayed for you night and morn.

Soon a toddler you became.
You learned to talk and run.
Then off to Preschool you went.
You thought being friends was fun.

Oh my, you’re in High School already!
How fast you have grown.
You’ve added a part time job.
Several lawns you have mown.

Next month you will marry.
Two years down the road,
A sweet baby added.
Your schedule is on full load.

Now you are a grandparent.
That brings joy to your life.
And now retirement is here.
More time for husband and wife.

How quickly your life flies by.
Appreciate each and every day.
Your life is a gift from God.
Take time to work and time to play.

To Evie:

On Valentine’s Day it’s great to say
That “I love you, through and through,”
So let’s keep on for years not few,
Before we bid each other adieu
-and meet anew in God’s venue

Note: Here is the story behind the poem

At home on Valentine’s Day morning, I was wondering how I could sneak a bouquet of pink carnations (my wife’s favorite flower and color) into her law office at a time when she would not be there.  The answer came when-before leaving for work-she said that we would not be lunching together because she had to go off to a luncheon

I bought the bouquet, along with a Valentine’s Day card, and I sat down with pen and paper and composed the above lines of poetry except for the italicized last line.  In my view, the poem appeared fine, meaning it expressed my anticipation of many more happy years of a life together.

Well, that was not my wife’s view.  When I next saw her, upon her arrival home at the end of the day, she had pleasant words of thanks but grim appearance of face….Afterlife!  I had never given it a thought.

Within the hour, our son, Bill, phoned, and the subject of my poem came up.  Between what both of them said about the poem, I concluded that its thoughtfulness was outweighed by it grimness.
While the three of us were still discussing the subject, I grabbed a nearby pencil and scrap paper and composed the last line (to which, after our phone conversation ended, I added “in God’s venue.”).

My Farm in Wood County

My great grandparents came to Wood County,
A place of rich land and bounty
They built a log house for the family to be free
From the wolves, coyotes, and snakes, they see.

The land was rich from the Great Black Swamp soil
Where crops grew tall and good with toil
The corn grew so high that I could not see the sky
And sometimes I felt like I was lost and might die.
Most farmers found oil on their farms and became rich.
This went on until other countries got oil in their niche
Limestone is Wood County was a big boom for us too
Because it has many uses in building that we do.

I have many nice fossils that came in limestone
Some are perfect in their mold.
These fossils are millions of years old,
And have histories of long years ago

A Walk with Our Creator

Have you ever taken a day to enjoy what God has given to you,
And looked around to see if it is really true.
I enjoyed hearing three little birds sing to me one day
As they sat high in a tree. 
I never heard such beauty from little birds before,
As when they sang to me in perfect sounding chord.
When I get older, it seems that I see more of God’s Creation
That has been here all my life waiting for my inspiration

Butterflies of different colors were flying from place to place.
And getting food slowly without a lot of haste.
A Monarch butterfly flew to my hand, and stayed some time
Until she saw a milkweed in it’s very prime.  
Then, a squirrel came to me to get a peanut in my hand.
He looked me over carefully, then grabbed it and ran
What a beautiful day to see God’s world with a bright new light
Where new things are a wonder when we have a different sight.


We can run but we can’t hide.
Words have the power to confuse our trusting mind.
Lies, corruption, chaos talk loud and clear.
Faces frozen with fear and uncertainty.
Our faith has been weakened.
Change is coming the truth will be revealed.
We will search for the light consumed by darkness.
Love will bring hope and healing into our aging body.
Races and religions will unite.
We will embrace the light determined to survive and thrive.
Our purpose will be known.


She was young innocent full of life.
The addiction consumed her spirit.
The child no longer existed.
Families shattered with grief.
Denial intensified the anxiety and guilt.
Hopes and dreams a distant memory.
Weeks turned into months.
Months became years.
Her life was spared.
She will never be the beautiful innocent child.
Her future uncertain.
Everyone is affected by addiction.
Life has no guarantees.
Each day is a gift.
Acceptance brings hope and healing.
Miracles happen when love becomes our constant companion.
Forgiveness opens doors to a new conception

The Red Bud Tree

About every morning I sit in my chair thinking, thanking, asking,
When I finally raise my head and see out, again I thank my Heavenly King.
People, houses, cars and sky I see.
Right across my street I see the different seasons of a red bud tree.
Most of the year this is the ugliest tree you have ever seen in all of nature’s law.
Most of the branches are uneven and lean to one side and I think of y chainsaw.
This March day as I sit and ponder and look out my window it is early spring.
A bright sunny day, the red bud is in full bloom and you’ve never seen such a beautiful thing.
Today you don’t notice the odd shaped limbs-only the beautiful red bud crown.
I guess the beauty of these few weeks are the reason the odd shaped red bud was never cut down.
I don’t know the lifespan of a red bud tree, but I know this one is getting pretty old and bent,
I’ll be 81 in June, old and bent, but still hoping to like that old red bud and show some beauty before my life is spent.

My Brother Capt. John W. Cavendish M.D. U.S. Army

I guess he was just one of many keeping our land free from the enemy.
This time it wasn’t just any other, He was my best friend and younger brother.
It was a terrible thing-the Agent Orange and Vietcong
He had been fighting the effects for 35 years long
There was many a night I couldn’t sleep, as I prayed to the Lord for my brother’s kee.
As I stood by his bed holding his hand as he struggled for his breath
I wondered how many Army buddies he had saved from death.
I thanked the Lord when I left the hospital that day, that I had the chance to tell him what I had to say.
About the tenets of a Mason’s profession, brotherly love, relief and truth, just a word
I doubt it was to any Masonic Brother’s surprise that he received the cherished Meritorious Service Award
I never knew anyone whose heart was so big and full of love
I am sure we, and some of his patients felt he was sent to us from above
About his jokes, humor and wit and all his stories of lore
And when you checked your computer there was always one more
He wouldn’t want you to be said, so for the years we had him let us be glad
I hope these words weren’t inappropriate,
I just wanted to tell you about what a wonderful brother I had

Note: I adopted Rico (2 years old) who was a survivor of the three hurricanes (Harvey, Irma, and Maria) after the devastation earlier this year which made him homeless

My Rico From Puerto Rico

He can be a sweetheart
Or he can act the part!
It only takes a moment
To know which phase he’s at:
He can cuddle up and purr at you
Or he might slap at your hand—
It doesn’t take a minute
To see just where you stand!
He has a funny habit
That keeps me on my toes-
By hiding his little trinkets
Most any place he goes!
Still I love my little Rico
No matter what’s his odd-
But he always loves me dearly
While I’m filling his dish with food!


Upon hearing wild geese calling season to order;
My eyes so surprised by falling on the greening ground,
Despite the snow, I know now, spring will come.

Upon seeing seeds fall from unfrozen branches brimming,
I eyed a bird that had just cried out a singing that new life was coming,
And not too very soon.

Upon knowing of this unseen, urgent growing,
My soul settled into a constant calming

Sway-Back Mare

An amazing eastern sky slides slowly across some quiet distant trees,
Gilded against another dawn:
Sights that casually spawn such wonder stills my soul.

Time’s passed by while revealing distance:
Fields and tree lines and honey-bee hives that scatter throughout.
The high overhead sun shadows my every care,
While I watch an old sway-back mare, so calm, just cropping grass:
M vision’s being blessed by filling this window with county.

Look again…
Slowly, the sun settles
Another day draws dusk along.
Western tree-limbs black,
Back dropped by burning clouds.
Strongly silent, an owl glides past my wondering eyes

The World

The world is such a lovely place
It’s made for all the human race
It’s lovely and grand
From season to season is Mother Nature’s plan
From north to south and east to west
We all enjoy the very best
Mountains and valleys from sea to sea
God made it all for you and me
Following the sun across the world
The rainbow of color that never gets old
Purple, red, yellow, and green
It’s most beautiful you have ever seen
Every season is always changing
Most beautiful in its rearranging


Stars at night oh, so bright
They twinkle in the night
Oh, so far away they look
Oh, so beautiful as a picture book
The stars we can never count
Which there are quite amount
With the moon to guide the stars
On their merry way to Mars
We start the morning oh, so bright
With the sun shining its light
To enjoy its warmth for the day
The sun shines for us to play

There On The Cross

There on the cross
Sad Jesus looked down
There on the cross
With thorns for a crown

There on the cross
The thief He forgave
There on the cross
His love He displayed

There on the cross
With arms open wide
There on the cross
He suffered and died

There on the cross
Our sin debt was paid
Then down from the cross
In a tomb he was laid

Now empty the cross
From death he was raised
He lives forever
His name should be praised
Still empty the cross
Once dead he now lives
If we accept him
Eternal life he will give

Drew and Daniel

Drew and Daniel-
They are the ones
God chose to be
My grandsons.

They are sweet
And pretty neat!
My heart sighs
For my little guys!

Drew is in school already
Learning fast and steady.
Daniel is just one year old,
Learning, too, so I’m told

Drew sports red, curly hair.
Daniel’s is black and straight.
It feels great
To be grandmother to the brothers.


To expect a grandchild while you’re old and gray,
Has to be one of the most wonderful feelings to come your way.
Just to know that soon you’ll hold,
A bundle of joy more precious than gold.

These thoughts you’ve had a million times before,
When this same event was knocking at your door.
To watch yours grow so healthy and strong,
That you pray for this day to come along.

Now that I hold this beautiful child and look into its eyes,
I can see the resemblance of generation ties.
I can hardly wait for the precious moments we’ll share,
To watch her run and play with the wind in her hair.

And to see him hit a ball so far,
“Oh, my God”, how lucky we are.
To watch them crawl on knees so small,
And when they stand, they stand so tall.

Those little hands that reach for love,
And soft little cheeks, like the wings of a dove.
When we had ours, we thought our lives were complete,
But the sight of our grandchild makes life even more sweet.

So, Mom and Dad, enjoy your baby with that cute little smile,
We thank the good Lord for he gave us a grandchild.


I opened my eyes today, and saw
A beautiful lady looking down at me.
Her hair was so soft and her smile was such a delight to see.
“I think I’ll call her MOMMY.”

I opened my eyes today, who is that
Handsome man staring down at me?
He looks so proud and as happy as can be.
“I think I’ll call him DADDY.”

I opened my eyes today, there stood
Two strangers smiling at me.
With their hair like silver and their
Smiles so bright, they look so happy.
“I think I’ll call them GRANDPA and GRANNY.”

I opened my eyes today, I can see two little
People not much bigger than me.
One was pointing, the other was touching,
They both were jumping with glee.
“I think I’ll call them BROTHER and SISTER
And let them play with me.”

I opened my eyes today, I see all of these lovely people and wonder how it could be, that I was so very lucky that they chose me.
“I think I’ll call them FAMILY.”

Our Motor Home

1.) Yes we love our Motor Home as we travel all alone
Maps & guide books set the tone
Over back roads we do roam.
Chorus: Yes, we’ll keep travel-in’
Yes, we’ll keep drive-in’
Yes, we’ll keep camp-in’
Till our retirement is
2.) Roads are full & barrels & cone through big cities, past the doe.
Saw the ocean full of foam
And sun-sets help to set the tone
Chorus: Yes, we’ll keep travel-in’
Yes, we’ll keep drive-in’
Yes, we’ll keep  camp-in’
3.) Gas is high, we’ll get a loan,
Prices at camp grounds make us groan
We dig into our wallet-it makes us moan,
We say a little prayer-it helps set the tone.
Chorus: Yes, we’ll keep travel-in’
Yes, we’ll keep drive-in’
Yes, we’ll keep camp-in’
4.) Over the back roads, all alone
On the highway we do roam
Hills & Mts. Make our motor home groan,
We keep drivin’ cuz we’re heading home
Chorus: Yes, we’ll keep travel-in’
Yes, we’ll keep drive-in’
Yes, we’ll keep camp-in’
5.) Oh, we love our Motor Home,
But after 4 months we’re ready for home
Good by highways, it means
1.) I am so alone-I want to cry
Lots of folks around me so I keep asking why?
No real purpose so I heave a big sigh I’ll adjust to being lonely-I’m not afraid to die
2.) It’s nights like this I feel all alone, my hubby is sleeping, I hear him moan.
He goes to bed early, I still want to roam, May something is saying “Go Home”.
3.) We’ve been gone so long, I can’t even say
Two months, three months, I count each day.
Some months we work & some months we play.
We wonder around & be home in May
4.) We have our ups & we have our downs
More often than not we could go a couple rounds
My hubby gets so serious but then he clowns
Only When he’s sleeping he makes those awful sounds.


As strangers we came to a faraway land
Silently hoping for a helping hand.
In time we made friends – how nice for us all
And slowly we conquered the language wall.
We helped one another, as we taught 
And never gave “Strangers” another thought.
Later we became citizens of the USA
With good behavior can’t be taken away.
We saved our money and bought some land
To build a house with our own hand.
So far lived 62 years in this beautiful town.
We felt like kings with a beautiful crown.
You do things – two is better than one
And half the time your work is done.
The kids have gotten a good education
More than we had in the “old nation.”
Now they got their own lives and moved away
That leaves this old widow alone each day.
I pray to the Lord: don’t let me forget
The nicest memories I ever had.


We had some now and none of it remains;
The grass is green and decorations out;
The wind is whipping chimes to ring again;
Our honking geese consider flying South!
Oue fam-ly gath-ring to be at Elaine’s,
And Celia’s birthday, Christmas Eve, with spiral ham.
Dear Fred at Brookdale unit, with Dementia—
Our Patriarch lives in sad absentia.
Joy fills our hearts and melancholy, too.
Remem-bring yuletides of the Long Ago,
When grandkids rode the dappled Hobby Horse,
Painted secretly by my dad for me!
Our blessings are our kids, their partners, too,
Our grandkids keep us in Ohio lives.
May Christmas Love continue to survive
And New Years’ happy futures so to thrive!


I cannot speak, please listen to what I’m trying to say
I lay here staring at nothing for hours everyday.
My body it has failed me, my mind is nearly gone, my hands are tangled beyond use
But inside life goes on

I cannot speak, please listen, there is still someone here.
A kind word, a gentle touch tell me that you care.
Don’t be afraid to tell me about your day today,
I really can still hear you, please don’t walk away.

I cannot speak, please listen to what I’m trying to say.
There’s still a person deep inside,
Alive in every way

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