Monday, November 15, 2010

Featuring poems by our Senior Citizens

Another Day
Good Morning Sweet Jesus
It’s so good to be alive,
To feel the sun on my cheek
and the tears in my eye.
If only my illness would  
allow me time to play,
Good morning sweet Jesus,
thank you for another day.

I have this pain within me,
some time it hurts so strong,
I often wonder how a little boy
could have gone wrong.

They say I have Cancer,
a word I don’t even know,
They tell me I am dying
but I am not ready to go.

I have sand castles to build,
model airplanes to fly,
Little puppies to play with,
and fly kites in the sky.
I have places to see
and games to play,
Oh, if I could have
just one more day.

I know I am dying,
but I don’t know when,
It’s hard to understand,
when you’re only ten.
Mom and Dad, they are strong,
they hide their tears
with a smile a mile long.

I’ll try to fill all my dreams
in the time I have left,
And to love all my family
and the people I’ve met.
To cherish the morning
and the sun’s ray.

Thank You Sweet Jesus for Another Day!!!

By Stephon Lovorchick

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