Friday, April 28, 2017

All Entries to WCCOA's 2017 Poetry Contest "Powerful You"

Below are all of the entries we received for this year's poetry contest "Powerful You." Thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations to our winners!

Numbers Have Power

By Pattie Brown

When I look in the mirror I see seventy-four staring back at me.
Time seems to move faster with each passing day.
My quick motion has been replaced with a slow pace.
I no longer worry about things I can’t control.
Laughter comes easier when I don’t take life too serious.
I can now laugh when my moth disconnects with my mind.
I see my gray hair, sagging skin, dark spots and wrinkles
as my rewards for living a productive life.
With each passing year I have acquired more understanding,
compassion and patience for who I am.
I wake up each morning grateful I still have the motivation
and discipline to meditate and exercise daily.
As my number increases I will continue to live, give, love
and laugh as long as my journey endures.

My Rose Colored Glasses

By Pattie Brown

When the new report violence, corruption and despair I put
on my rose colored glasses.
My glasses have the power to change the way I look at things.
Wearing a smile everyday increases my energy.
My positive thoughts produce helpful results.
I’m more aware of seeing the good in everything.
I have become less critical and more accepting to the
unconventional occurrences happening every day.
I have faith that changes occurring will produce a united,
Accepting and peaceful world.
Wearing my rose colored glasses allow me to dream big and love more


By Shelia Damschroder

Years ago God’s Son was born
Jesus our Savior early one morn.
Bethlehem in Pemberville you will find
Men and Women of Faith so kind.
A Senior center so willing to share
Love and Hope by all who are there.
Sharing your fun with a friend
Means Senior Centers will never end.
Knitting, games, food…O so good!
Speakers and Mystery Trips set the mood.
Lonely People who need some love
Will find it here sent from above.
An extended Family you will find
Everyone here so tender and kind.
Thank you Lord for being so true
Thank you Bethlehem for all you do.
Everyone here from different places,
Soon find being here puts smiles on their faces.

Gift of Life

By Nancy Oberhaus

When dark clouds hang low,
I must wait and pray
With trust, the belief I know
God is with me night and day.

He calms the sea
And the turmoil in me,
To share in His glory another day.

He brings peace to my heart
With His everlasting love
And says “we will never part”.

All creation below and above
reflect His joy,
As His children truly enjoy,
God’s Gift of Life, day by day.


By: Marilyn Lott

What’s in Joy????
Who’s Scared????
What’s in Anger????
What’s Fear????
Happiness and friends
Nervous and curious
Screams of tears
Sadness, Confusion????
Thoughts bubbling high
Wonders fill the minds
Cries of a hurt heart
A big bubble of what????
Because in my sisters joy
I see her fun.
My sister is scared
In my brother’s anger
In my cat’s fear
In my sisters joy
I see her cries.
I see red.
I see a dash.
I feel happy.
My sister is scared
In my brother’s anger
In my cat’s fear
In my sisters joy
She feels trapped.
I hear “mom!!!!”
I hear the meow.
I touch her fear.
My sister is scared
In my brother’s anger
In my cat’s fear
In my sisters joy
I touch sister power.
I touch tears.
I touch the scared ball
I taste her love.
My sister is scared
In my brother’s anger
of fluffiness.
In my sisters joy
I hear the butterflies
I feel sad.
In my cat’s fear
I smell that she will always
in her stomach
In my brother’s anger
I taste the love.
Be my sister.
My sister is scared
I smell that in different

I smell

Will always smell Joy.

Who knows what
What’s happiness???
When you think of love

excitement is????
Joy and love
What do you think

Happy??? Joy???
Playing with friends

Wonders of excitement
Sadness, Cuteness

In my mom’s happiness
Your Mom or Dad?

In my dad’s excitement
I feel great.
In my love I have my

I see a tractor
In my mom’s happiness

Waiting for him.
I see a smile.
Who do you love???

In my dad’s excitement
In my mom’s happiness

I hear “Brilliant!”
I touch our relationship.

In my dad’s excitement
In my mom’s happiness

I taste our love.
I smell something good

In my dad’s excitement

I smell we’re
in the oven.

Never going

To be apart.

Remembering Toni

By Julie Gutierrez

This fresh new soul was born.
Full of sunshine, laughter, fun
This precious little one.

Time has passed she struggles
to survive, each day she fights
to stay alive.
This precious, brave child of mine.

The angels came, now we’re
This precious child, broke my heart.
Remembering Toni I laugh, I cry.
I smile for I will see her in
Worry not, my heart will mend
my friend because this life is not
The End.

The Weather

By Leiselotte Sielicki

The common topic of the weather, certainly is nothing new;
And in those recent arctic outbreaks, we found nothing much to do.
To see, to read and also hear, another cold wave will be here.
A hundred warnings we must heed, (for which we all are so in need)
Be careful thawing out those pipes and when you drive, forget those gripes.
Don’t turn the heat up all too far, garage door closed, don’t start the car.
You’re not to over exert yourself, by shoveling too much snow,
Next day that white stuff is still there, it’s got no place else to go.
We all get plenty of exercise, with sleet and cars in tow.
But on that first hot day at 85, we wished we had some snow.
So don’t complain, it does no good. Just take it all in stride.
The fireplace will need some wood. Go out, bring some inside.
How cozy it will soon become, and games or card we are playing.
Weatherman is on again and this is what he’s saying:
“Another storm, but not here yet, the best thing is we go to bed.”

Vacation Preparation

By Lieselotte Sielicki

The father came home, he said: “my dear”, the long awaited vacation is here!
So let me know what you will pack, two suitcases fine, just not a sack.
Then junior cried: “My football too”! Princess replied: “My dolly Sue”.
Mom scratched her head and sat on the bed, what about our dear little pooch?
He’ll miss us a lot, cause he likes to smooch.
Will try to hurry to find a sitter, not to forget his collar with the glitter.
Stop the mail and garbage till then, when we come back, all relaxed and tan.
Should we head for the woods or maybe the beach? Lots of open spaces for the kids to screech.
Also wondering about the weather, should we take coats or just a sweater?
Finally done, we can proceed. Dad watch for cops, don’t go speed.
Safe we arrived at the destination, looking forward to a fun vacation.
Days sure went by, and not so slow, can’t believe where the time did go?
But absolutely it was so nice, like hitting the jackpot with a big prize.
Back home again, that’s really not fair. Relaxing is over, wished we were T H E R E! ! !

Feeling Powerful

By Shelby Hardesty

I realize how much power I have,
When my Grandchild comes to me;
She takes my hand and walks along, or sits upon my knee.
She doesn’t mind that my gait is slow;
Or that I stop to take a rest.
She looks at me with her big blue eyes, and says, “Grandma you’re the beast!”

My power lies, in the time I spend with her,
Influencing her life, and the special things we do.
Love is a very special feeling that can be found most anywhere,
Love power doesn’t weaken or fade away with time;
It’s an inner strength that can be yours or mine.
Our physical strength may weaken and go,
While our spiritual strength continues to grow.

Love power is measured in many ways you see,
Love power has no limit or boundary,
Power changes in our lives as we grow older;
Decisions are made for us, and our responsibilities limited;
Our worth becomes questionable, our minds demented.


By Larry E. Slaughterbeck

In our small town
She was known as an old maid.
Early in the twentieth century
She was known as the prettiest girl
In our small town.
AS the cascading years followed her youth
Her siblings married and raised families
She cared for her elderly parents and babysat
In our small town.
Every Sunday she would be found in the last row of church
Where she was baptized and confirmed as a child
She would bake beans for funeral dinners
On Sunday mornings arrive as the opening hymn was sung
And every Sunday quietly place three quarters in the offering plate
Leave as the closing hymn was sung.
Adorned in a dress she had sewn and later buried in
In our small town.
Then only last Sunday in the offering place,
Beneath the offering envelopes
Lay three quarters.
The scripture lesson that Sunday spoke of another Sarah.

Be Strong

By Valerie Rowley

When ever things don’t go well,
You disbelieve or disagree,
Feel sad or get mad.
Here is a little Fooey Doll
Hold it firmly, “shake it”, “poke it,” squeeze it”
Wipe your tears with it.
Fooey can take it,
Yell “dog-gone-it,
Take a deep breath, and whisper…
“I’m Strong” ‘I’m Strong”.

Internet Power

By Valerie Rowley

I was powerless when he sent his kisses.
I was powerless when he said sweet words.
I was powerless when he was hurting.
I was powerless when I thought I couldn’t help.
I was powerless when he pulled me under his spell.
I was powerless when I was no longer in control.
I was powerless when I realized he had taken everything I had.
I was powerless when I had to face that he lied.
I was powerless when I realized all the promises were false.
I was powerless when one day there was no repay…
I cried and prayed.

Then I realized, I have the power.
I have the power within and the courage to accept.
I have the power within to overcome.
I have the power within to continue too live.
With God I have the power to be Strong.
I have the power within to say “nothing can fix it”
I have the power to say “I’m so Sorry” Please forgive me.

I Love My Grandma

By Justin Espen

I love you so.
I love my gram.
I love her so much.
I love spending the ight.
I love seeing you each week.
Going to lunch with you is great.
I love to decorate with you so much.
You are the best grandma in the world ever.
Camping with you is so much fun and amazing.
I love when you taught me cleaning and organization.
I love that my grandma that my grandma is very helpful.
My grandma is my inspiration and is my favorite person ever.
I love her.
She is the best.

All My Love

By George M Leslie

“To you alone I send my love.”
“With thy help of him above.”
“When he becomes willing, for us some day,
To become as one, if hard we pray.
Then will take the vows of holy matrimony.
It will be like our first love only.
To us that day may seem quite distant.
But rest assured he’ll be our assistant.
When that marriage license we take out.
It’ll seem as though this world has turned about.
Then up that isle we shall walk.
It makes no difference how people may talk.
Than over that threshold I’ll carry you.
I shall be extremely happy, as I do.
You see my darling, only you I adore
A thousand times, more, than ever before.
Because of your love and kindness that I have had
It makes me feel awfully bad.
That I haven’t given you more of myself.
But simply shoved my love, back on the shelve.
However I have found my mistake
Our love no more, shall shall I forsake.
From our love no more shall we go astray.
If in him we trust and pray.

To Jan

By George M Leslie

Not many years ago today
We decided to run away
The town to us was really new
We were both in a hurry to say I do.
We both worked hard over the years
Through good and bad times and a few tears
We’ve four handsome son’s and finally a beautiful girl
They made life and love something to endure.
They all worked so hard and made us so proud
Through happy days and nights and not a dark cloud.
So that you Jan on this special day
I’m so glad we didn’t hesitate to run away
Sixty years of bliss

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