Wednesday, April 30, 2014

God's Children

God's Children
By: Colleen Dunn

Sometimes it’s just a little one, whom God sees fit to take.

Someday we’ll meet them over there, beside the crystal lake.

They spread their childish laughter, throughout the palace halls.

And help to bring the sunshine, to others whom God calls.

They run along the golden streets, they swing on pearly gates.

They shine like lilies bright and fair, while on their God they wait.

Heaven would not seem complete, without some childish glee,

Who’d want to see just old folks, throughout eternity?

So when God calls a small one, he’s lent us for a while.

We feel so sad, but shouldn’t, for they have seen His smile.

(2014 Poetry Contest, Honorable Mention)

Amorette Renwand, WCCOA intern, pictured with Colleen Dunn

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