Friday, December 2, 2011

The Things I Miss by Lee Forse

I miss my young body that could run down the street and bounce up the stairs without favoring my knees or huffing and puffing

I miss my mind that would remember entire pages of documents and now has trouble remembering why I went to the kitchen.

I miss my family and friends with whom I used to hang out, share confidences and dreams about the future and life’s problems, who have now passed on.

I miss my eyesight that could see far into the fields and the future and now needs glass assistance.

I miss my hopes and confidence that life stretches out before us in an unlimited amount of time and now realize how short our time is.

I miss the intimacy of a man trying to get your attention and lying spoon fashion next to him.

I miss my insides working the way they should without any help from the medicine cabinet.

I miss having conversations with friends about the world and its problems, not the physical ailments we have had.

I miss the children when they were young and had young problems, not the big, adult problems they now face.

I miss the hopes I had for my future and the hopes for closeness within the family.

I sigh over what I miss then realize what I have.

I have the ability to see the face of God in the beauty of a flower.

I have the ability to smile when I hear the laugh of a child.

I have the ability to realize what I cannot change.

I have the ability to accept the help I need.

I have the ability to enjoy friends and family.

I have the ability to like a good book or a silly show on T.V.

I have the patience to find peace in waiting for my time to be up and to join other loved ones in His arms.

I am like no one else, have memories like no one else, have talents like no one else, have issues like no one else, yet I am one of God’s children and we are all alike in that we miss what we had and need to remember what we still have. We continue to have so much and He has given us the ability to remember that and to thank Him.

Lee Forse

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