Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thirsty Horse- By: Bob McAfee

Chapter 4- The Grand Surprise
                While everyone welcomed the Carlos’ family into their midst, each sharing of his and her earthly treasures to help this new family become settled into this wondrous campsite, there arises a new sound. A voice of protest, if one could say that. A baby is born.
                This little creature is letting everyone know that under no uncertain terms, it is happy of being forced out of its protective surrounding and then being forced to take its first breath that the air burns its lungs. Everyone begin to share with one another the possible names that the child will be given. This birth is a good sign of what the future may bring. The Ageless Grandfather rises to address his people when the new mother cries out very loudly in pain, as if she is not done giving birth.  Suddenly there is another voice of protest that is crying out. Another baby has just been born.
                The Ageless Ones begin to look around to see who else is missing.  There is none missing, save Wanda and John the new parents. Every person remains still, waiting for the news of the birth of a child or children.
                After what seems to be hours John appears before the congregation. He is flushed, as he stands there for several minutes before he is able to speak. Slowly, nervously, he turns to the Ageless Ones and almost in a whisper and says “My Lords, our Great Father has given my wife and I two babies, they are a girl and a boy. What shall we do?”
                The Ancient ones look at each other in surprise and in joy. It has been a very long time sense twins were born. Either there will be a great season before them or something magnificent will be granted to the village. 
                One of the Ageless Grandfathers rises to his feet and placing his hands upon the shoulders of John and asks, “Have you cleaned the children yet?”
                Looking surprised and perplexed he throws his hands into his hair and answering quickly. “Oh my gosh, I forgot! No I haven’t.”
                “Go my son and then bring them here, please”, the Ageless One requests.
                Todd, the Keeper of the Village finally rises to his feet. Slowly, he moves to the center of the large circle of villagers. He turns leisurely, taking in the expressions that many have on their faces. Slowly, bit by bit, he turns around 360 degrees, until he is once again facing Carlos and Sandy. He looks at them as if they may have an answer or a suggestion as to what should be done next.
                Finally Todd says in a booming voice, so that everyone could hear, “My brothers and sisters, we have here within our very own company of people a mixture of joy and great pride.” Todd continues in a voice of Joyfulness, My friends, my family, my companions, today we must start to make preparations, and to make special clothing for these infants. They must be dedicated to the Great Father for only He alone knows what He intends to do.” Taking a breath before continuing, Todd concludes by saying, “Never in my lifetime have I dare to dream that twines will be born within our midst. Tonight we are blessed, yes, doubly blessed. For the next sixteen summers we are to be a help for these blessed parents. To help them raise these children.”
                Crippled Deer rises to his feet and posses a question, “Great Grandfather; will not these twines bring sorrow to John and Wanda?”
                “Perhaps Crippled Deer, perhaps,” answers Todd, “but, in order that does not happen we must work together, this will bring happiness. This happiness lays in the thrill of achievement, the joy of creative effort. So we can help the two children achieve their great potentials and become creative in their giving of themselves and make their parents proud of their children, the achievement for this community is to be a helping hand.”
                Randle, another Ancient One, the Master of crafts, rise to his feet and declares, “In three days we will dedicate these two infants to our Great Father, we must create for them proper clothing for this dedication.”
                All the Ageless Grandfathers stands up and comes together to discuss the proper names of the two special children. They then leave for John and Wanda’s tent to see what is needed. If they have any names picked out for the two children, they will permit the names to be added to the dedication names that will be pronounced during the dedication ceremony.
                After several minutes, the Ancient Ones return to continue the celebration of life, which now have a greater meaning.
                Tao Ming, the Ageless Grandfather who led the scouting party along the eastern Great Lake shore on horseback, remains standing and raises his hands for silence.              

                As soon as everyone have become silent he says in a soft low, base like voice, “my brothers and sisters, we the scouting party, had seen many great and wonderful things while we were going toward the rising of the sun. We had seen how the Great Lake had flowed and carved many new inlets. We had visited one new tribe three days journey on horseback from here. The woods have extended beyond eyesight along the shoreline. There are now many strange and magnificent looking animals called buffalo or bison. There are also bears and deer that are as tall as a man, turkey, porcupine, squirrel and many other animals good for food and clothing. This new tribe also has means to travel upon the waters by canoes made from trees trunks hollowed out. “Tao Ming concludes with “The Great Father has also blessed me with the findings one of my brothers who have been missing four of your generations. His name is to be known as Jack. This name is easier to pronounce and remember.”  Tao Ming then steps back and lower himself down on to the ground. The celebration continued long past the apex of the moon’s rising, or about one o’clock in the morning.

To be continued...Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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